Power Conversions

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What We Offer

At Power Conversions in Nashville, Tennessee, we retrofit existing buses to electric propulsion. This not only addresses the issue of diesel or gasoline bus pollution, but also helps you save on fuel and maintenance costs. Learn more about what we do by reading the information below.

Our Three-Step Conversion Process:

  • Remove existing engine, transmission, belt-driven components, radiator, and restore the engine compartment.
  • Install mounting shelves for electrical components and inverters. Drivetrain, a UQM high performance, liquid-cooled propulsion system with a liquid-cooled and full-feature digital signal processor controller, is mounted and assembled. Next, the HVAC system, power steering pump, air compressor, as well as LED interior and exterior lighting are installed.
  • Install advanced lithium-ion battery packs, utilizing efficient battery management electronic controls that measure cell voltage, overall battery state, uniformity, equalization, fault diagnosis, and high/low temperature of the cells.

Good to Know

Electric buses will go way over the 100-mile target range, using more battery packs can increase the range up to 350 miles. The most economical way, is to use less battery packs and take advantage of a quick charge system. This adds 25 miles for every few minutes of charging.

Considering a new Proterra bus is $700,000, you could have us remanufacture 2 buses for every new one purchased. Let us be the ones to retrofit your buses today and save a huge amount of money tomorrow!

Take a Peek at Our Three Step Process:
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Remove old engine and parts

Installation of electrical components and propulsion system

Cut away view of newly converted bus